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Empowering those who care for the most at-risk populations.

Even though up to 15% of Medicare-eligible patients have heart failure, 50% of patients with HF remain undiagnosed.1-2 Patients in at-risk populations underreport or overlook their symptoms, and standard diagnostic processes are slow, invasive  and pose significant access challenges for the patients most likely to experience cardiovascular health issues.3

For these reasons, the status quo for cardiovascular diagnoses has placed a heavy burden on healthcare providers — particularly those who care for individuals in risk-bearing programs. Ventric Health exists to provide care teams with innovative, noninvasive tools to expedite cardiovascular health diagnoses — devices that are mobile enough to meet patients wherever they are.

Male medical professional in white lab coat with stethoscope

How We Serve At-Risk Healthcare Organizations.

One of the best ways to reduce inpatient utilization and improve health outcomes is to change the timeline of heart failure diagnosis. With 65% of at-risk patients diagnosed for heart failure in an ER or inpatient setting, we know controlling utilization costs and improving health outcomes can be a challenge.4-6 Powered by our unprecedented scientific data, technology and experience, we've developed a solution designed to help reduce high utilization costs while enabling organizations like yours to improve health outcomes for your population.

Now, you can be the vital change in heart health like never before — delivering improved outcomes and reduced utilization costs with Vivio testing in any care setting.

How We Serve Home Health Care Organizations.

With more than 75% of those at risk in a lower socioeconomic status (SES) diagnosed in the ER or inpatient setting, it can be a challenge to provide resources that help individuals overcome SDoH barriers.4-5 We strive to bring non-invasive cardiovascular testing to patients — regardless of where they are.

By partnering with home health care organizations, we represent a vital change to heart health by aiding in the diagnosis of heart failure earlier to impact the patient journey and improve health outcomes.

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