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We are driving the change that changes heart health.

Ventric Health is a healthcare technology company and medical device provider transforming clinical interventions in cardiovascular health. We are the first and only company to enable non-invasive diagnosis of heart failure within clinical and home health care environments, which has reshaped the diagnostic pathway for at-risk populations and set a new standard for the industry.


Data is our DNA.

Through our academic origins, we were able to discover unprecedented scientific data on the human heart. Today, we are using that insight to develop a suite of innovations that reduces the impact of cardiovascular disease, enabling value-based care organizations and healthcare teams to lower costs and improve patient lives.

Cardiovascular health poses unique challenges.

Diagnostics are delayed and inefficient, and the burden on our healthcare system is growing.


of patients with heart failure have symptoms overlooked during a normal clinical assessment1


of at-risk patients are diagnosed in the ER or inpatient setting2-4


of patients with lower socioeconomic status (SES) are diagnosed in the ER or inpatient setting2-3

30 months

can elapse between the initial onset of symptoms and a diagnosis4

$219 billion

in annual healthcare expenditures are attributed to cardiovascular diseases5


of heart failure costs are attributed to inpatient care6

Ventric Health believes the path to positively impacting cardiovascular health is through clinicians at the point of care — including the home environment.

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the U.S. and, despite advances in cardiovascular care, the gap in diagnosing the risk of heart disease remains. In our most vulnerable populations, symptoms are overlooked and diagnostic processes are invasive and costly — leading to poor patient outcomes.

Vivio device
Picture of Ventric device


Ventric Health

Bringing non-invasive cardiovascular testing to patients, no matter where they are. Clinicians can perform tests in under five minutes and provide results in real time.

Vivio® is Ventric Health’s flagship solution, the first and only device to enable non-invasive diagnosis of heart failure within a clinical or home health care environment.

Wherever a patient is, clinicians can utilize Vivio’s advanced algorithms to non-invasively evaluate and detect elevated left ventricular end-diastolic pressure (LVEDP).

Graphic of medical software on a computer screen
Graphic of medical person and screenshot
95% of patients prefer the Vivio device over an echocardiogram.7
100% of patients reported the test was easy for a clinician to perform on them.7
Why Ventric Health?

Our past, present and future in cardiovascular health.