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That’s why we’re focused on actionable innovations that can be used in a multitude of care settings, including the home, and by a range of clinicians.

By revolutionizing technologies for diagnosis, Ventric Health is empowering clinicians to identify and care for those most at risk of cardiovascular disease. And by expanding the site of care for diagnosing cardiovascular disease, we are helping clinicians change the timeline for clinical intervention, helping patients achieve healthier days at home.

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Data is our DNA

Our academic origins within the labs of a leading university equipped our organization with unprecedented scientific data on the human heart. We leveraged this data to create algorithms, unmatched in the industry, that brings value to healthcare organizations caring for at-risk populations.

Today, we use our algorithms and data-driven approach to develop a suite of innovations that reduces the impact of cardiovascular disease, enabling value-based care organizations and healthcare teams to simultaneously lower costs and improve patient lives.

Real-time testing has a real-life impact.

The value of an early diagnosis in cardiovascular health is meaningful and measurable for individuals, providers and health plans.

For Individuals

Decreased 30-Day and One-Year Mortality1-2

Decreased One-Year, All-Cause Hospitalization1-2

Increased Overall Quality of Life3

For Providers

Increased Awareness of Patient Needs

Improved Impact on Quality of Care and Health Outcomes

Decreased Burden of Capturing Hard-to-Document HF Data

For Health Plans

$21,800 One-Year Cost Savings 
Per Patient1,4

$17,500 Cost Savings Per Initial Diagnostic Visit1,4

Increased Emphasis on Equitable, Patient-Centric Care

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Ventric Health

Bringing non-invasive cardiovascular testing to patients, no matter where they are. Clinicians can perform tests in under five minutes and provide results in real time.

Vivio® is Ventric Health’s flagship solution, the first and only device to enable non-invasive diagnosis of heart failure within a clinical or home health care environment.

Wherever a patient is, clinicians can utilize Vivio’s advanced algorithms to non-invasively evaluate and detect elevated left ventricular end-diastolic pressure (LVEDP).

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