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Who We Are

Ventric Health’s origins are academic. Coming from within the labs of a leading university equipped our organization with unprecedented scientific data on the human heart. Today, we’re using that data to develop a suite of innovations that are transforming clinical interventions in cardiovascular health. These innovations include Vivio®, the first and only device to enable non-invasive diagnosis of heart failure within a clinical or home health care environment.

Graphic composite of two people hugging and medical people looking at a computer

While data is our DNA, the passion that propels us forward is improving lives. Through our collaborative work with those that manage at-risk populations, we hope to reframe how, when and where the industry diagnoses and treats heart disease. Together, we can transform entire support systems to drive better patient engagement and outcomes.

Above all else, we seek to be the change that changes heart health.

Our Leadership

Ventric Health is helmed by servant leaders from diverse backgrounds who care about crafting a positive corporate culture almost as much as creating positive change within cardiovascular health.

Sean Brady of Ventric Health
Sean Brady
Chief Executive Officer, Founder
Derek Rinderknecht of Ventric Health
Derek Rinderknecht
Chief Technical Officer, Founder
Niema Pahlevan
Niema Pahlevan
Morteza Gharib of Ventric Health
Morteza Gharib
Jeff Cushler of Ventric Health
Jeff Cushler
Vice President, Technology & Product Development
Dave Silvey of Ventric Health
Dave Silvey
Vice President, Business Operations & People
Tony Viole of Ventric Health
Tony Viole
Vice President, Operations

Our Mission

To create non-invasive heart diagnostic solutions that quickly deliver the insights value-based care organizations need to reduce costs and improve patient lives.

Our Vision

To bring non-invasive cardiovascular testing to everyone.