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Device aiding noninvasive heart failure diagnosis chosen for the prestigious award based on its effectiveness, technical innovation, financial impact, and other judgment criteria

PASADENA, Calif., Nov. 29, 2023 -- Ventric Health, a healthcare technology company and medical device provider focused on cardiovascular health, today announced the Vivio System™ was named Best Digital/Mobile Health Solution in the prestigious Fierce Healthcare Innovation Awards 2023. Vivio®, a mobile, tech-enabled device aiding clinicians in heart failure diagnosis, is simple to use but sophisticated in function. Vivio uses advanced algorithms to detect elevated left ventricular end-diastolic pressure (LVEDP) quickly and non-invasively.

"This award underscores that healthcare innovation can transform outcomes and drive efficiency, positively impacting both patient well-being and the economics of care," said Sean Brady, co-founder and CEO at Ventric Health. "We designed Vivio to democratize healthcare and overcome traditional barriers to access. The device is portable, fits in a backpack, and offers rapid detection of elevated LVEDP—the gold standard in heart failure—in under five minutes in any care setting. Vivio represents a unique quantum step forward in enabling the diagnosis of this costly and deadly condition within Medicare populations."

Up to 50% of heart failure patients are undiagnosed, and diagnosis can lag up to 30 months following the initial onset of symptoms. Early diagnosis is crucial for treating and managing heart failure in the most vulnerable populations, those that are age 65 or older. Because of the lag in diagnosis, clinical research has shown 65% of Medicare patients are first diagnosed with heart failure in the ER or inpatient setting, and this number increases to 75% for patients with lower socioeconomic status. The economic impact of heart failure is profound –– making early detection and diagnosis even more critical. Heart failure is predicted to account for $70 billion of U.S. healthcare expenditures by 2030.

The Vivio System received FDA 510(k) clearance in October 2023. 

The Fierce Healthcare Innovation Awards program showcases outstanding innovation, driving improvements and transforming the industry. Judges scored all the entries on the ability of the applicant to demonstrate the following: effectiveness, technical innovation, competitive advantage, financial impact, and true innovation. The winners were announced on Nov. 29 in the Innovation Report, which features spotlights and interviews of all category winners.

To learn more about Vivio and how Ventric Health drives the tech-enabled revolution in detecting heart failure, visit the Vivio resource page

About Ventric
Ventric Health is a healthcare technology company and medical device provider transforming clinical interventions in cardiovascular health. We are the first and only company to enable non-invasive diagnosis of heart failure within a clinical and home health care environment, which has reshaped the diagnostic pathway for at-risk populations and set a new standard for the industry. Through our academic origins, we were able to capture unprecedented scientific data on the human heart and, today, are using that insight to develop a suite of innovations that reduces the impact of cardiovascular disease, enabling value-based care organizations and healthcare teams to lower costs and improve patient lives. To learn more visit